Our Farm Fresh Eggs

We currently have about 80 laying hens and a rooster.  We have a mixed breed of chickens, laying brown eggs.

Their coop is a large hoop house with laying boxes. In the winter it is placed on blocks with deep bedding creating the most amazing compost for the garden.

In the summer months, we move it around the farm on a trailor.  The chickens lay their eggs inside it and use it for shelter.  They are let out daily to roam for grass and bugs.  We keep the coop in the same spot for about a week surrounded by a moveble fence.

They are NEVER fed any kind of hormone or antibiotic. Their GMO free feed is grown here on the farm, with added ingredients:  Organic Kelp from Homestead Organics, Diatomaceous Earth, food grade limestone, oyster shells, soya meal, and peas. We also add Apple cider vinegar to their water.

Our chickens get plenty of fresh air, sunlight and grass. Because of this our eggs have a hard shell, are NATURALLY higher in Omega 3 and other nutrients, and taste creamier. The deep orange colour of our eggs indicates the  higher chlorophyll and lower cholesterol content.   A quick glance at the chart to the right shows the difference in our egg quality.

FYI:   The egg yolks are yellow in the winter due to the loss of available fresh grass to munch on.  No worries. The chickens are still happy in their coop and have plenty of hay to slurp up all they like.

Future Plans

To grow as much of our own feed as possible.  We already grow non GMO corn and are working on substituting soy bean for peas.  This would help offset the ever increasing cost of grain. This would allow us to lower our production costs, allowing us to keep our egg prices to a minimum.   We are working on having two seperate flocks of layers. One for eggs, and the other older chickens to stay with the rooster and produce the next flock ;)  Purchasing new layers every year is quite expensive.