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October 2012

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The 2012 growing season was full of unexpected surprises both good and not so good. We had GREAT success with our chicken, turkeys and beef this year.  Although the drought seemed to have taken our vegetable crop, for some reason our pastures remained as lush as always.

This year our turkeys and chickens were successfully raised together in our chicken tractors, and our beef acquired more pasture to graze.

Next year will be exciting as we add our BEES and Dairy Cow.  Alyson will be spending most of the winter learning how to make cheese and other products, and we are looking forward to being at the market in the spring.

Now is the best time to order beef. As always we will have eggs throughout the winter, and in the spring will be taking orders for our other products.

Thank you for your patronage!

Adam and Alyson

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