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Our Amazing Beef

Our meat is BLACK ANGUS.  Not a  mix of cattle. This keeps our meat consistent. We also have carefully selected our herd to thrive on grass alone in our extreme Canadian climate. The taste and quality is superior.

We never give our cattle hormones or antibiotics.

Cattle are herbivores and are at their optimum health when free to eat grass. We allow our cattle to do just that.   Their feed is our pure sweet grass grown right here on the farm. We use a rotational grazing system, which is optimal for the cattle as well as the land they graze. In the winter they munch on hay. A new section of pasture is opened every 3 days, allowing the previous section to recover. At this point we have approx 80 cattle grazing 12 different sections.


Our cattle are pasture raised from birth. They spend 9 months with their mothers, and are then moved to another pasture until they are 20-24 months of age. We do NOT EVER finish our beef in a penned up area, using either corn or haylage to ‘fatten them up’ for the market. Our beef literally goes from our field to your plate.

We use a provincially inspected small processor, and our meat is dry aged for 21 days.


Although we avoid the use of antibiotics on our cattle, If antibiotics become a necessity, the animal is quarantined from the rest of the herd, and we would NEVER sell it to you.  We also use Organic practices for fly and disease control.   This picture you see about is our cattle and pastures. It is what you see. our cattle come right off our pasture and head to the processor.    Stress free cattle also means tender meat.  We take pride in knowing that our cattle live a happy stress free life.




What we Sell:

Individual cuts and Sides and Quarters

At this time we are selling sides and Quarters to our past and current customers, and individual cuts are available through Wendy’s Country Market in Lyndhurst.  To inquire about sides and quarters please email